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Monday, May 3, 2010

Finished My 3rd Full Marathon

Despite the 88 degree temperature and 90% humidity (and countless blisters), I was able to chalk up my third full marathon - someone must have mistakenly delivered Baharan's weather to us! Regardless, it was the Frederick Running Festival held in Frederick, Maryland, and I completed the 26.2 mile course in six hours, 11 minutes - obviously no land speed records were broken in the outing.

In case you're wondering, the pedometer I was wearing logged 50,122 steps throughout the duration of the enduro-thon. Additionally, I supposedly burned 6,220 calories as well - but who's counting. It was a great event, pictures will follow once marathonfoto publishes them.

I next plan to run the Rock-and-Roll 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach this September and have signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon in downtown Washtington D.C. - I'm stoked for both despite the achey joints from yesterday's jaunt.


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  2. By the way, the BodyGlide ad is embedded above because it REALLY works.

    At the end of the finish line of the marathon this past Sunday, there were plenty of men with lines of blood stains on the front of their shirts from their nipples bleeding.

    It's a gory reality that a soaking wet shirt can rub you raw after four hours of running. The only full proof way to protect yourself from that fate is slathering up any sensitive area with BodyGlide. I don't run without it.