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Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Won't Take My "MAN Card" Today!!!!

I'm the first to admit that I'm not much of a "Mr. Fix-It."

While I may be relatively proficient at balancing a checkbook, wrapping presents or writing a mediocre blog - when it comes to "handy man" type activities, I'm anything but handy.

I simply don't know what tools to use for which job. I blame my chronic "Black & Decker" dyslexia on my dad, whom I observed on more than one occasion stirring paint with a screwdriver and pounding nails with a nearby crescent wrench. To my shame I mimicked his mis-modeled behavior.

But not today.

Today I installed a showerhead (see inserted photo as proof) that actually works - without leaking!!!

That may not be a big deal to the NASCAR-loving, Craftsman-wielding real men reading this, but it is for me. You have to understand that during 7th grade shop class where everyone made a handsome set of book shelves my woodshop project miraculously transformed into a Baked Alaska [I know, I know - that doesn’t make much sense, but neither do most of my attempts at the “Honey Do” list.]

But today I’m victorious. I conquered a showerhead, and I’m reveling in the afterglow of such a manly demonstration of testosterone-laced daring do.

An additional benefit is that now I have something tangible I can point to as a DIY-distraction for my lovely wife, when she coyly continues to suggest I replace the light fixture over the dining room. Victory is least for today.

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