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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A WeightWatchers Milestone Achieved!!!

During my weekly WeightWatchers weigh-in, I was completely stoked to see that I dropped another -2.4 lbs for a total loss of -21.8 lbs over the course of the past eight weigh-ins since my initial joining back on April 7th.

That means I’ve lost more than 10 percent of my total body weight through this program.

Here's been the progression since that date:

Week 1: -4.8 lbs
Week 2: -3.2 lbs
Week 3: -1.0 lbs
Week 4: -3.4 lbs
Week 5: -3.6 lbs
Week 6: -2.2 lbs
Week 7: -1.2 lbs
Week 8: -2.4 lbs

That averages out to 2.73 lbs per week, which is the kind of consistent reduction that’s necessary for healthful and safe weight loss. That'll do it for today, hopefully there will be less of me to write about next week.


  1. Cheryl, thanks for the support. Honestly, I'm doing three things.

    1. Journaling everything I eat with the WW points system. Portion control is key!

    2. Using my pedometer to try and log an average of 10k steps each day.

    3. Exercising (usually running or walking) for an additional 30 minutes each day at least five days a week.

    That might sound like a hassle, but it's really not and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time!

    In the past I've tried Atkins, South Beach and NutriSystem for men - none have produced the same level of results and each of those other plans left me feeling hungry.

    This works for me. Hope that helps!

  2. Way to go, husband!!!

  3. You're my greatest inspiration! Thanks for the support!

  4. Well done!

    Although for me, it would be a concerted EFFORT to log 10K steps. I mean, my hike in from the expansive Kodak parking lot gives me 700 (each way) right off the bat, but....

    So, did you get another WW 10% keychain? :-)

    I have put myself back on the WW regimen for about a week, and am down about 5 lbs (informally). I've called it, "The Turnaround".
    The proof will be when I get back to the meetings on Sat. AM. The record will probably still show that I'm up about 10 from my last meeting waaaay back in November, but... it feels good to be back and moving in the right direction.

    And absolutely #1 for me is TRACKING everything I eat (WW mobile on my BB), and reading labels for actual content.


  5. @Bruce, yes I did get another 10% key ring - I lost my first one in our move down here (grrrr...). Regardless, I'm thrilled to hear you're back at the meetings. For me, it's an accountibilty group - I don't want to let any of them down. Please comment back regarding how your Saturday meeting goes, I really want to know! Also, I COMPLETELY agree on the tracking - it is the single most important aspect. "If you bite it, write it."