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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winning is Great, but Sometimes You Win When You Lose.....

During my weekly WeightWatchers weigh-in, I won the weekly battle because I dropped another -1.2 lbs for a total loss of -23.0 lbs over the course of the past nine weigh-ins since my initial joining back on April 7th.

So far to date, I’ve lost more than 11 percent of my total body weight through this program and three inches around my waist!

Here's been the actual progression since I began:

Week 1: -4.8 lbs
Week 2: -3.2 lbs
Week 3: -1.0 lbs
Week 4: -3.4 lbs
Week 5: -3.6 lbs
Week 6: -2.2 lbs
Week 7: -1.2 lbs
Week 8: -2.4 lbs
Week 9: -1.2 lbs

That averages out to -2.56 lbs per week or more than 10 pounds a month. I've got another 25 lbs. to lose before I reach my goal weight. I'm debating whether or not I should post my "before" and "after" pictures to possibly inspire others when I'm done??  Because I have EVERY intention of hitting that goal weight and keeping it off.

Well, that'll do it for today, hopefully there will be even less of me to write about next week.


  1. I think you are absolutely right. Especially with Weight Watchers, losing IS winning. No doubt about it! You are doing fantastic. Good job! Definitely an inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, I need some actually. I need to get back to Weight Watchers again. It is one thing that is healthy, and works! (When you actually do it. haha) Anyway, thanks for taking the time to update and share your progress.

  2. @Laura, I COMPLETELY agree that WW is the only program that works. I have tried Atkins, South Beach and NutriSystem - but each of them left me either not feeling great physically or hungry. WW works.

    At today's meeting, the leader talked about tracking (which is the single most important thing I do) and she suggested for anyone who doesn't like to track - getting the WW electronic key chain for $5 which lets you preset your daily points and then press a button to decrease the amount as you eat. It was pretty cool. Let me know when you decide to rejoin and I'll cheer you on!!!

  3. I lost a disc in my spine but gained a donated bone and freedom from severe chronic pain.

  4. @Tammy, holy canoli - that is an amazing story! Where did you gain a donated bone? I've heard of organ donations but not osteo-related donations....

  5. Congratulations on working towards improving your health and well-being! Weight loss can always be a daunting task in the beginning, but once you start seeing results, the momentum takes over and you are motivated to achieve your goal.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Tor! :)


  6. @Heather, thanks for taking the time to read the blog and comment - as well as the connection on! I post here on a variety of topics - do you have a blog you'd like to share here as well? Please let me know!