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Monday, July 26, 2010

Downing Diet Soda Linked to Premature Births

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Noooooooo!!!! Say it isn't so! On a daily basis I probably drink more than 2 liters of diet soda. I know, I know - all things in moderation but I can't seem to control myself when it comes to diet soft drinks. Fresca is one of my favs.

Unfortunately, it appears that my imbibing behavior has some unseemly consequences - namely a higher than expected incidence of pre-term births.

Why'd the Danish have to do this study anyway? Didn't they know my ignorance regarding my personal mass consumption of carbonated beverage was blissful?

Curse you Danes! Stupid science! Here's the link....(sheesh)!
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  1. WARNING: Then you might not want to read this comment either....Artificial sweeteners also cause memory loss.

    I have also heard that carbonated drinks cause weight gain even if they have 0 calories because the carbonation makes us bloated. When someone who drinks diet soda on a regular basis switches to water can lose up to 16 pounds. So if you are still looking at healthy life style changes for losing more weight...might want to do some research on that topic.

    Did you read it anyway? Can't say I didn't warn you :o)

  2. @Tammy, I was planning on reading the link you provided but I FORGOT to do it - wait a sec, while I sip my Diet Coke...(sluuurrrp). Ok now, what were you saying???

    All kidding aside, thanks for the helpful link and takin the time to share it!

  3. Your welcome...Sounds just like me, lol. I have a terrible memory and I used to use a lot of artificial sweeteners. I had gestational diabetes with all three pregnancies. Was told I had to watch my sugar intake because that's a sign of having full blown diabetes at a later age. I also became more and more forgetful as time went on.

    I was told that vitamin B12 helps improve your memory when taken on a regular basis. I bought some to find out. Does it work? I may never know. I can't remember to take it.

  4. @Tammy, thanks for chuckle and tip re: B12!

  5. I gave up diet drinks and artificial sweeteners in April this year. Since then my severe headaches have disappeared (after more than 12 months of CT scans, blood tests, eye tests etc trying to find the cause with no luck), my thinking is more clear, and my moods no longer swing to the extreme.

  6. @Clearblue, thanks for the personal insight! Freedom from recurring headaches is reason enough to quit diet soda. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!