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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Held Steady This Week

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Went to WeighWatchers weigh-in during lunch today and logged a nonloss of -0 lbs., which is not unusual (or so the WW leader told me) after a big drop the week prior.

Last week I lost -4.0 lbs. and my body is apparently adjusting - I'll buy that.

All total, I'm down -28 lbs. since starting the program back on Wednesday April 7, 2010. An interesting topic at today's meeting was the concept of trigger foods. A trigger food is something that's difficult for you to stop eating once you start.

My trigger food is ice cream (any kind) as well as Toll House cookie bars. Because of my inability to manage my consumption of those particular foods, we don't have those products in the house since they would torpedo my efforts at healthy nutrition.

Curious to hear back what your trigger food might be?
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  1. For me its M&M's (peanut especially)..they just disappear handful by handful as I walk by the drawer I hide them in and before I know it, they're gone. I try to just buy the small serving size bag at the check-out, but they usually don't even make it home!

  2. @Kim, ha! That's funny I have the same trigger food (peanut M&M) - we must have a cosmic bond or something ;-)

  3. I just want to say congrats for not gaining. :) That's the way I see it. With that said, you know I just started again. Well, my first week - I gained a lil over a lb. But, this week, I was down exactly 3 lbs. I was happy with that...though I know that won't be all the time. As far as trigger foods go, I really don't know what mine are. I will have to give that some thought and get back with you. Anyway, congrats again on your success with Weight Watchers thus far. Watching your progress and real attitude has been a big motivator.

  4. @Laura, down -3.0lbs is a great result - congratulations! That is fantastic! Keep going - you're inspiring me!!!

  5. Ice cream is my down fall. It helps if you can buy an individual size ice cream. You do pay more for the cute little containers compared to buying a half gallon. It's worth it though cause when it's're just out of ice cream and can't over do it. I found little sized Ben & Jerry's in Tops. I think it's a $1.29 for about 1/2 a cup of ice cream if I remember right.

  6. @Tammy, I guess we're in the same boat! When I need an ice cream fix I reach for one of the new Skinny Cow frozen dessets. Those help take the edge off for me, but I'll keep an eye out for the mini B&Js. Thanks for taking the time to post!

  7. Trigger foods:

    Bread. (esp crusty baguette)
    Oh, did I mention "cheese"??

    That'll do it. :-)

    BTW, I will be looking for a WW meeting on a different date; I have missed the last 3 Sat AM meetings due to conflicts/appointments. (However, my personal scale is 98% in line with the WW one, and by that I am holding steady or down 1-2). The important thing is that I find a day/time when I can actually attend without conflict!

  8. Forgot one very important/deadly trigger food:



  9. @gbr, that's solid progress - down or steady is good in my book! Pizza is a problem for me as well.