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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tor's All-Time, Top-10 Favorite Things: Consumables

Oprah does it why can't I? Here's a top-10 list of my all-time-favorite consumables (things I use up and have to buy over and over.)

10. Crystal Light Lemonade
9. Peter Pan Peanut Butter - Crunchy
8. Gatorade - Original
7. Breath Right Nasal Strips
6. Frank's Red Hot Sauce - Buffalo Wing Style
5. Sour Patch Kids Candy
4. Keebler Saltine Crackers
3. Diet Pepsi (or Diet Coke in a pitch)
2. Chap-Stik Lip Balm - any kind
1. Frank's Red Hot Sauce - Original Style

What's your list look like? Post it under the comment section!


  1. 10. Jelly filled doughnuts--serious addiction
    9. Fage yogurt with the honey on the side
    8. Betty Crocker's Suddenly Salad--any kind
    7. Cafe Bustelo--ground. MUST have in the a.m.
    6. Morningstar Veggie Sausage
    5. New York's Texas Garlic Toast
    4. Chef Boyardee--Judge not, lest you be judged!
    3. Neutrogena Face Wash--any kind
    2. ReNu conact lens solution--recalls be damned..I support local businesses!
    1. Wegmans Organic Milk--Skim. I CAN tell the difference!

    There, my list...hope you enjoy!

  2. @Norma, that's a rockin' list - thanks for sharing! I'm intrigued by #4, especially since I just learned that there's a full serving of veggies within each serving. I may have to give the Chef a try! I will also seek out Cafe Bustelo. I'm also intrigued by organic skim milk....hmmm. Thanks again for taking the time!

  3. 10. Chips and Salsa (Multigrain chips with Paul Newman's Mango salsa tops the list)
    9. Kit Kat bars
    8. Pens (I buy ridiculous amounts of pens for no good reason)
    7. Butterfly Flower body spray
    6. Lime flavored anything
    5. Blue cheese flavored potato chips
    4. Anklet socks (if I could wear a new pair each time I go for a run, I would. Not practical though)
    3. Coffee travel mugs (I am in search of the perfect, dripless, comfortable-to-hold travel mug. Have not found it yet)
    2. Journals (notebooks, paper in general. I buy tons of them and am a sucker for a fancy notebook cover)
    1. Diet Dr. Pepper

  4. @KP, that's a great list! Your #8 made me chuckle outload and I completely agree with your #6 - how could I have forgotten lime-flavored tortilla chips from my own list! I've never heard of #5, but my search begins today. Speaking of search, let me know when you locate the perfect travel mug - my dress shirts will thank you!

  5. 1. Lotion....but not just any kind....needs to smell good and be rich and creamy.
    2.Kleenx or Puffs but not with lotion in them....yes I am my mothers daughter.
    3. Coffee with cream....a big huge cup....kind of my fathers daughter but with cream.
    4. Black mascara....not waterproof....Dior is my favorite.
    5. Honey yogurt Balance Bars.... See More
    6. Scrubby face wash.
    7. Pepsi...not diet!!!
    8. Gum...almost any kind.
    9. Black nail polish.
    10. Flip flops and boots....almost any kind.

  6. @Lisa, that's awesome - thanks for taking the time to share! The black mascara and nail polish makes me think that Goth is making a comeback (just kidding) - if anyone can rock (in a good way) that shade of cosmetics its you. Now I've got to try the Honey yogurt Balance Bars - you do know that I've been TRYING to lose weight don't??? Hmmmm....I'm not sure about your #10 - seems like you tried to combine flip flops and boots as a single entry, kind of bending the rules a bit don't you think? Regardless, thanks for playing!

  7. The balance bars are a meal replacement or snack...210 cals...40% carbs...30% protein...30% fat. I eat them for breakfast mostly. Thanks about the black compliment!!! And I could have said shoes but that is to generic for me.

  8. @Lisa....hmmmm, I understand the need to be precise regarding footwear. I'll stock up on Balance bars this week - thanks for tip. How many grams of fiber per each?

  9. i typed my list.
    was about to hit POST.
    my network connection was lost.
    so was my list.

  10. 10. Coke (not diet)
    9. Welches Grape Juice
    8. Good coffee
    7. My new "shape-ups"
    6. Columbia Restaurant 1905 salad
    5. Jose's Cuban Food
    4. Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara - Wow!
    3. Getting Massages
    2. Girls nights out
    1. The Beach - please BP oil - stay away!!!