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Friday, August 20, 2010

Many are Confused Regarding Time.....

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I spent quite a bit of time driving recently, and I listened to an audiobook about time management to make the most of the trip.

The author used several of the following terms, which I have used myself - phrases such as time saving; time management; adding time; spending time; controlling time, et cetera.

While he was talking my mind began to wander (as it's wont to do from time-to-time), and I thought that none of those phrases actually apply to the concept of time itself. Think about it.

None of us can save time or add more time to our lives. We can't manage or control it either - time keeps rolling forward in an unrelenting manner no matter what we do. Lastly, we don't spend time but rather it leaks out of our lives like sand through an hour glass.

All of those phrases are oxymorons, because the words don't go together, similar to "thunderous silence" or "sweet sorrow" - they sound good in poetry but they don't apply to real life.

Instead of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on "time management" portfolios, books, software and gadgets perhaps we should direct attention to the idea of "self management" within the time constraints that shackle all of us.

The truth is, there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all we need to get done - we each get 24 per day and that's it. However, some people are more productive than others - I think of actor Kiefer Sutherland as the CIA operative Jack Bauer from the FOX television series "24" [see photo insert].

Somehow he always managed to maximize 60 minutes like no other! Coincidentally, I saw a bumper sticker today that read "Guns Don't Kill People - Jack Bauer Does!"  Hard not to chuckle at that.  Pardon the time-wasting digression....

Regardless, the point comes back to "self management" and most importantly the value-based decisions we make during our few precious hours each day. The more thoughtful and intentional those decisions, the more productive and rewarding our lives will be.

Ultimately, each decision we make today impacts our future. If we focus on a "time management" approach to life, we're only letting our future happen. But if we focus on "self management," we can make our future happen for our benefit and those around us.  I guess it's about time I learned that lesson!

What do you think about this topic?
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  1. That is an excellent, thought provoking concept. Seriously. I think practicing "self management" is an excellent step in the right direction for so many people, myself included. It's not like we can actually bend time, so best focus on the things we CAN affect. Great points!

  2. @Laura, you've perfectly captured in a single sentence what I blathered on about for several paragraphs - "It's not like we can actually bend time, so best focus on the things we CAN affect." Perfect summary, thanks!