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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top-10 List: Best Store-Bought, Processed Cookies Ever

Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookies b...Image via Wikipedia
Even though I'm looking to monitor and improve my food intake, there's nothing wrong with reminiscing over the best store-bought cookies from childhood.

Obviously, homemade cookies take the cake - so to speak, yet there are still tasty treats among the store aisles. Here are my all-time favorites. Please chime in with any I've missed.

10. Frosted Animal Crackers - this is a classic, gateway cookie to more decadent confections.

9. Fig Newtons - the idea behind them is gross but the execution is darn good.

8. Lorna Doone - short bread cookies at their overly-processed best!

7. Pecan Sandies - these are Lorna Doone's with chopped pecans, simply awesome!

6. Twix - this is the ringer of the bunch, some may argue it's a candy bar but it DOES have a cookie center.

5. Vienna Fingers - I don't even know what these are. I guess a vanilla crème something or other - all I know is they're tasty.

4. Chips Ahoy - rockin' chocolate chip goodness.

3. Pepperidge Farms (any variety) – ‘nuff said.

2. Oreos (any variety) - the chocolate dipped versions are a diabolical dose of deliciousness.

1. Nutter Butter - Must be the peanut-shaped PB sandwich cookie [see photo insert], NOT the wafer variety!!! All wafer cookies are evil.

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  1. Please tell me it was an oversight that you missed GINGER SNAPS!!!! Love my ginger snaps. Fun post, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I came here from HubPages, where I've read some of your hubs, and will be following you. I'm DoodleLyn on HubPages...thanks for your comment.

  2. @Lynda, thanks so much for crossing over from HubPages and thanks for the follow! The exclusion of Ginger Snaps was a COMPLETE mental breakdown and confectionary faux pas on my part. I would swap out Twix for G-Snaps. Thanks for playing!!!