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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top-10 List: Greatest 1st Wave Songs of the 1980's

Being a teenager during the 1980's, the music of that era had the greatest impression on me - for good or bad. However, I was not a fan of the big-hair, ballad rockers or heavy metal of the day.

I was keen on the techno-hybrid sounds that were spawned out of the post-punk rock, UK club scene, which is commonly referred to as New Wave or 1st Wave.

While I know a lot of people HATE this type of music, here's my top-10 list of songs from that era:

10. What is Love - Howard Jones
9. Politics of Dancing - The Reflex
8. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes - Ultravox
7. Who's That Girl - Eurythmics
6. Mad World - Tears for Fears
5. Der Kommissar - After the Fire
4. Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung
3. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
2. Come Live With Me - Heaven 17
1. Tainted Love (extended version: Where Did Our Love Go) - Soft Cell

Let me know what you think and any that should be added!

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