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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Churches Offering Gas for Guns Exchange

For the past several years, municipalities and faith-based groups across the country have been offering various types of gun buy-back programs intended to remove illegal weapons from urban streets.

However, some Louisiana-located churches are throwing gasoline on the FIREpower – literally.

Four Baton Rouge churches are partnering with the city administration, law enforcement and Circle K gas stations to offer $40,000 worth of free gas cards in exchange for weapons with no questions asked or IDs required.  Click below for the full story.

"If it saves one life, or if it saves one injury or if it saves one tragic accident from occurring, it will be worth it," said East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore. "We don't want to give cash in the hands of some possible bad person and they could go buy another gun or drugs."

The amount of the gas card distributed will be determined by the type of gun turned in, for example automatic assault rifles get the most buck, $200, for the respective bang.

This is a novel, disarming solution to a loaded and potentially deadly issue. The need to hit the target with such innovative accuracy relies on creativity, and unfortunately the youth in our nation seem to be bleeding creativity - and that’s a separate issue I blogged about yesterday.  Click below if you missed it.

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