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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Science is Great, but It Only Goes So Far.....

I love science! For the past 13 years, I've worked at a technology company, an eye health business and I currently work at a biotech firm. Each of those organizations have had at their respective cores a heavy reliance on science as well as reseach and development in general.
Again, I love science but it only goes so far. The point being that science is excellent at deconstructing complex observable systems to measure and identify how they work. But it's not so great at explaining the intangible aspects of life or things that can't be observed or neatly quantified.

I came across a great poem that I attribute to contemporary artist Tom Graffagnino, which eloquently brings this disconnect to bear and suggests the existence of something greater than what we can merely observe with our senses and count on our fingers.

As an aside, Graffagnino has wonderful artwork you can admire (and buy) at his web site . 

Here's his poem titled "As Luck Would Have It."
There are some who like to tell us
Just how all this came to be:
'Twas a “Quantum Fluctuation”
Just a “burp” of Gravity!

Yes, we all came out of Nowhere...
From a mindless Fluke of Chance.
From a Big-Bang Gaseous Nothing
Via Empty Happenstance!

They can't say that it was “magik”,
(But it's mighty close to that...)
“Stuff” just popped into existence,
Like a rabbit from a hat!

Then by Random Accidentals
So much “Info” bumped along,
'Until... by and by... it happened!
Man invented Right and Wrong!

Then by Natural Selection,
Further progress soon was made...
Evo-Man just deconstructed
That Foundation he had laid.

Right and Wrong?...How antiquated!
How bourgeois!...How gauche!...How crude!
What a travesty of Justice!
What a wretched attitude!

So..., Voila!... Friend, there you have it!
Scientific Truth be told!
Conjured up by Nature's Brightest...
The Consensus of the Polled.

I was once a Doubting Thomas,
But then Science proved me wrong!
Now I'm sure there is No Meaning...
And my Faith in that is strong!

I was once a die-hard Skeptic!
But it's all now crystal clear!
Yes! The evidence confirms it!
And so, that's The Word from here!


  1. Great poem, great post. :)

  2. @Kim, you forgot one thing...great husband ;-)