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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm a Living, Breathing Weight Loss Cliche......

Birds of a feather flock together…opposites attract…don’t count your chickens before they hatch….these are the types of verbal crutches that I routinely pepper throughout my daily conversations and interactions with others. [NOTE: I'm also a chronic metaphor mixer as seen in the preceding sentence.]

Try as I might, I find that I’m unable to eliminate such clichés and foibles from my speaking habits.

My overuse of these recycled words got me thinking about the annual recurrence of the greatest cliché of all – New Year’s Resolutions (ugh)!

However, in the waning hours of 2010 there are several achieveable, personal resolutions that I purpose to pursue in 2011 including:
  • making five blog posts each week;
  • finishing my first book;
  • finally eliminating all of our credit card debt;
  • spending one night a week playing games with my family;
  • going on a date with my wife at least once a week;
  • running at least 20 miles every seven days
  • and striving to walk an average of 10,000 steps each day.
All of those seem doable to me; however, the most difficult resolution that I have not mentioned is my inability to keep my weight within a healthy range for my age, gender and height.

Case in point [NOTE: ‘case in point’ is a FAVORITE cliché of mine], on April 7th, 2010 I joined WeightWatchers and diligently followed the program through October 6th, 2010. During that time I was also training for a marathon and lost a total of 29.2 lbs.

However, since my last weigh-in I’ve gained a lot of that weight back – mainly because the running gave me a false sense of  “I can eat whatever I want, I’ve run four marathons…yippee” but that’s not how the body works. Even if you run five miles three times a week, you still can't eat the equivalent of a pizza and a pint of Hagen Daz every day.

I know I’ve re-gained a lot, and I’ve been reluctant to go back to weigh-in to do something about it.  Mainly because I’m embarrassed to face the meeting attendees and the staff there, fully aware of how far I’ve fallen.

Despite that, I resolve to attend weigh-in today – I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow….


  1. Good Luck! I love your resolutions and might unabashedly steal some of them. Here's to more Tor in 2011, blogs, not lbs.

  2. Go for it, Tor! As a W.W. staff member, I can tell you that the staff will welcome you back, and that they ALL struggle with their weight regularly. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the new PointsPlus program. Good for you - doing something good for yourself! And, good for your family, who I know will want to have you around as long as possible. And good for the rest of us, who also think it's pretty great that you're around :)

  3. In summary, Re WW:

    "Me too."

    'nuff said.

    Well, maybe not. If you care to read on...

    Up until the last couple of pre-Holiday cookie/munchie weeks, I'd been able to maintain my weight within a lb or two of my last weigh-in. Since then, it's jumped up probably 5-7lbs (by my condemningly accurate digital scale). Those dang frosted Christmas cut-out cookies (and big jar of mixed nuts) have been my downfall.

    That said.... I have started tracking again, reluctantly trying out the "new" PointsPlus system - online via Blackberry, which is a saving grace since I had "cracked the code" of the old "Points" system (and lost a max of 40 lbs - when we visited you 2 Labor Days ago), which is now back to oh, about 25-30).

    So far, it is going okay, mainly because I can "search for foods", and the updated WW database is pretty good. I've only had to hand-calculate a few things (also online).

    As I mentioned to NanP, I am confident of success, which will (ONLY) be in linear proportion to my dedication to - and honesty with - tracking because, simply stated, when I track - and go to meetings - I lose.

    So, I'm right there along side you bro.


  4. @Nan, thanks for the encouraging words! And you were absolutely correct - I don't want to steal the thunder of tomorrow's post but the WW staff was awesome when I went today! Details to follow and thanks for the comments!

  5. @Bruce, I went today and was really impressed with the comprehensive nature of the PointsPlus - I'll blog more about that tomorrow. Regardless, you've always been an inspiration to me. Thanks for the support!

  6. @Bill, did you call me a blob in your comment? Just kidding, thanks for the kind words and BTW, even when it's late your blog is one of my favorite must-reads on the web!