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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In Results...

This will be a short post. Yesterday was weigh-in at WeightWatchers and I was down a half pound for a total weight loss of -9.5 lbs during the past few weeks. 

Even though it wasn't as large a drop as I thought it would be, my weight seems to be going in the right direction.  This past week, I was very diligent in following the eating and journaling program, and my activity levels were still pretty high.

Case in point, I averaged a whisker more than 10K steps per day and logged a total of 20 miles of roadwork for  marathon training, which makes me ask the following questions.

I know there are several WeightWatcher veterans out there and exercise experts who read this from time to time - so I ask for your insight - is there a lag between heightened activity levels and corresponding weight loss? Has anyone else experienced this? What are some of those factors that might contribute to a lag?

Please share your knowledge with us!

As always, I hope there’s less of me to write about next week!


  1. Weight Watcher slugger here.... Hi, I have kept off 20 lbs, but can't seem to actually lose anything. That is because everything in society is centered around food, I can't get away from it. I have become a bit of a recluse just to "not eat." I love people but why all the food, and all fattening stuff. LOL. Seriously, I'm lazy to the core right now. Luckily, however, I am doing the program, not the journaling, just in my head keeping the points and it's at least keeping me stable. As soon as possible the next I know it will be valentine's day. I love the chocolate red boxes, not the candy inside, well I shouldn't like it. Ok, Tor so you should be VERY proud of yourself and I am going to TRY to at least make it through today sticking to the plan and see if I can get two days in a row. I have been on one day and then off one day, seems to the the season. Anyhow, going to try to make it two days, will see. Keep up the fight. -DME

  2. I dunno. Once I get my butt to the gym on a regular basis, I'll let you know! :-)

    I did return to WW mtgs on Thurs eve. It was a sort of "Day of Reckoning", but I feel better, and motivated again.

    It's ON! (err, well, soon, "it" will be OFF ;-)

  3. @DME, great to hear from you! Thanks for the support and encouraging words - sorry for the delayed reply, things have been HECTIC recently!

  4. @GBR, I saw your status on FB and I'm totally stoked for your results! You help spur me forward - "As iron sharpens iron so man sharpens man." Thanks for being there with an always encouraging word!