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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Post-Super Bowl Weigh-in....

My Team (sigh)
I'm not gonna lie to you, I planned on being in the "+" column at weekly WeightWatchers weigh-in this week for three reasons:

1. Like most red-blooded American males, I didn't skimp on the Super Bowl snacking;

2. My team lost the big game, which sent me into a supplemental eating regimine;

3. I realized the NFL season was over and that labor unrest amongst its players might prevent a 2011 season altogether - resulting in augmented supplemental eating.

Needless to say I was a bit worried when I stepped on the scale at lunch....

Thankfully, those fears were soon assuaged as I was down -2.4 lbs for a loss of -15.0 lbs, since I re-started the program on 12/29/10 which averages out to -2.5 lbs per week since then.

As a reminder to those who are tracking this personal vision quest, if I lose -3.4 lbs. more pounds, I'll be equal to the weight I was before I abandoned my first WeightWatchers attempt last November to fete the holiday season – unfortunately during that stretch, I managed to stretch my waistline by adding +18.0 lbs to my prodigious gut within in two months time.

Again, I’m grateful that I’ve been able to consistently whittle it away during the past six weeks, and I’m hopefully there will be less of me to write about next week!

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  1. That is fantastic Tor! Way to go! I know I was mildly surprised - but happy - at my weigh in this week. I was leery because the weather did not permit a meeting last, over the course of the two weeks, I lost 4 lbs. Like you, I much rather THIS trend over the upward one! Congrats on the continuous loss and your renewed determination. You are an inspiration.