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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"As My Waist Turns" - the Dramatic Saga Continues...

Let's face it, we all have drama in our lives. Mostly such drama is driven by our personal unmet expectations.

Today was my weekly WeightWatchers weigh-in, and to be honest - I was completely prepared for a large dose of drama in the form of a weight gain because my activity was down from the week and my eating was up. 

So I was shockingly surprised to see that I was actually down -2.2 lbs. for the week, for a total loss to date of -28.6 lbs.  

Granted, it's not as dramatic as Luke and Laura getting married, but today's loss had a whiff of drama for me. [NOTE: Yes, I am a guy who just tossed out an obscure General Hospital reference from the 1980's - see photo insert. But I digress...]

The only thing I can figure about this surprisingly dramatic weight drop, is likening it to the requisite 7-day delay that occurs with a third-party check deposit into your bank account. The bank needs the extra time to ensure that the check is not "hot" and that it truly conveys the promised funds. 

[NOTE: As a complete non sequitur, the only thing I can think of that drives more drama than a bounced check was perhaps when we found out that Rodger Thorpe from the Guiding Light was NOT actually dead - that was a shocking revelation! But I digress....] 

Getting back to the banking analogy, there seems to be a similar delay in converting my activity/exercise "deposits" against my personal "bulk" account.  Regardless, I need to keep moving forward both literally and figuratively.

Without getting overly dramatic or hopped up on hyperbole, it should be noted that I'm within 1.5 lbs. of losing 30 lbs. total - that would be huge if I could reach that next week.  

So, be sure to check back at that time for the next scintillating installment of my exciting, compelling, and dramatic (ok, not so much...) adventures in weigh loss or "As My Waist Turns" [NOTE: Yes, that's a final feebly lame attempt at daytime drama humor, but I digress....] - hopefully there will be less of me to write about next week, specifically -1.4 lbs. less of me!!!

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