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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Driving With the RearView in Mind....

It's Wednesday, which means it's also time for my weekly WeightWatchers weigh-in update. As an aside, I was a bit concerned heading to weigh-in today because this past Sunday I ran my 5th marathon and I wasn't really sure what impact that type of "forced trauma" might have on my body.

I'm not going to lie, continuously moving for 4-5 hours takes a short-term toll on someone's physique and I've been drinking water like a fish the past couple of days to replenish lost fluids - alot of which I've been retaining.

The bottom line was that I wasn't sure wht to expect when I stepped on the scale with a mid-size aquarium worth of liquid sloshing around...

...surprisingly, I was down – albeit only a couple of ounces – but it makes me wonder if perhaps I whould have more fully expelled all of the air out of my lungs if I might have reached half a pound down?  Oh well, such a gossamer loss equates to a neutral loss of -0.0 lbs. which is still better than I was hoping for after this past weekend’s race.

Not that you care about my physical stasis or anything, but I feel like my body is already 80% recovered with some minor aches. It’ll be interesting to see if I can “stay on track” – pardon the running pun – for next week.

It was a packed meeting today and as usual roughly 95% of the attendees were women – that’s a separate blog topic altogether, because as silly as it sounds that was a major mental hurdle for me to overcome when I tried WeightWatchers was the intimidating number of women - again that's for another blog post.

So today, our meeting leader - whose name is Elyse and she’s outstanding - gave a great analogy about the weight loss journey that I have to share.  She compared it to driving a car in that all of our energy and focus are required to keep moving forward.  However, we need to also check the rearview mirror or where we’ve been so that we’re mindful of any potential threats that might arise. She elaborated a bit more, but I think you get the point.

Any successful endeavor requires that type of split focus to ensure we don’t slip back into old habits or expanding our personal awareness to help us stay ahead of that metaphorical Mack truck that wants to mow us down.  It was an excellent nugget of knowledge that reinforces my intent to keep attending the meetings.

With that, I hope that there’s less of me to write about next week!


  1. Great job.

    I'm returning to the Henrietta meetings, after a stint at the closer Scottsville meetings.

    The Henrietta group is very lively and motivating, and the leader, Donna, is really great.

    I feel like I've lost a great deal of momentum for various reasons, and I need a kick-start... (in many areas)

    Keep up the good work.


  2. @GBR, thanks for the post - it's great to hear from you and I hope the family is doing well? I TOTALLY relate to the kick-start concept (hmmm...potential blog fodder - thanks!) - and how important that is to virtually all areas of life. The one axiom that keeps knocking around my head is that, "Nothing Wants to Happen" - meaning that without external energy or force that "steady state" that's part of all of our lives will slowly lead into a decline if left to its own devices. Thanks for the encouragement!