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Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Favorite Breakfast Food

Most clichés become clichés because they are based on fact.  One example of that would be, “Breakfast is
the most important meal of the day.”  Despite the obvious need to replenish your body’s fuel there are additional benefits beyond those basic needs.

There are several studies that show people who have lost 30 lbs. or more (and kept it off for more than a year) all ate a nutritious breakfast; while those who eat a morning meal tend to consumer fewer calories throughout the day and breakfast eaters tend to have a more active metabolism and active lifestyle in general.  See more details at WebMD 

Given that body of research, I try to give my body the morning fuel it needs which usually includes a glass of V8; a low-fat, high-protein smoothie; a packet of plain Cream of Wheat and two bananas.

But when pressed for time or on the run, I grab two VitaMuffin VitaTops made by Vitalicious – [editor’s note: I know, I know their hyperuse of “Vita” in their Vita-Marketing seems a bit Vita-Silly or Vita-Overkill at the very Vita-least.]

Regardless, these things are outstanding.  Each VitaTop is low-fat, low-sodium with only 100 calories while packed with 9g of fiber; 4g of protein; calcium plus 15 other vitamins and minerals – and they taste great.

Additionally, the packaging states that a VitaTop contains less sugar and more vitamins/minerals than an apple and if you walk 15 minutes you’ll burn off the 100 calories in one VitaTop – how Vita-cool is that!  So you get the maximum nutritional value from this breakfast food with minimal junk and calories.

I’ve tried several of the flavors, but by far the best is the deep chocolate variety.  For full disclosure, I’m not being paid to schlep this product, I just really like them and wanted to share the news. We found out about them from our good friend Amber – to whom I dedicate the VitaTop I just wolfed down.  They’re usually in the frozen food section at the store or check out their web site to see if they’re for sale in your area at

You won’t be disappointed – but if you are – make sure you mail your uneaten VitaTops to me!


  1. Hey these were my staples for a long time. I recently switched to fruit and yoghurt.

    For a great snack, put the chocolate muffin in the microwave for only 30 seconds. It heats the muffin just slightly but the chocolate chips stay cold and solid, really yummy.

    Hmmm, maybe it's time to give them another try.


  2. I accidentally saw the image here. I was scrolling down, scrolling down, completely missing the comment button on the post I was intending to comment to- when Lo, I SAW THE MUFFIN TOPS. Oh my. It just looks so good.

    On a personal note, I'm someone who has lost over 100 pounds. I can tell you- things like this? They're great for beating that "deprived" feel.

  3. This post makes me hungry..but I take it you only left the cranberry flavor in the freezer...LOL!

  4. Hi Tor,

    That sounds really good. I'll be sure to try them. I usually eat a breakfast bar (under 100 calories with 7% fiber) in the mornings. I'm not usually hungry then but I know I need to eat something. Thanks for the tip about Vitatops.