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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bad News and the Good News

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last WeightWatcher’s update, and I decided that it was high time to make a post.  The past few weeks were very busy with various commitments – that we’re all accustomed to – which kept me from weigh-in as well as tracking my food intake.

In keeping with the theme of the headline for this blog post, I was expecting to be up when I stepped on the scale this week, and I was.

Since my last weigh-in two weeks ago, I had gained +5.0 lbs – that’s the bad news. Indeed it’s a bummer but it was expected.  The main drivers for this poor performance were a steep drop off in my daily exercise running regime; combined with long hours at work; some travel as well as lots of late-night eating.  Additionally, I’m sure a portion of that gain was retained fluids rather than actually weight.

My total loss to date is – 28.5 lbs. and I don’t want to slide back into the old habits and patterns again.  However, the good news is that I know the cause of the problem and how to work toward a solution.  When I focus and commit to healthy habits – things move in the proper direction. When I lose that focus, my momentum stops and I stop losing weight. 

While I’m not happy about posting this type of result, there is a cathartic effect that it has – so I’m grateful for that and for anyone who happens to read it.  Thanks!

With that in mind, I hope there is less of me to write about next week.    

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  1. I see we are both on the #blogboost and I was reading your post about "running" when I saw this one. I'm a former WW leader, though I've been helping folks like you through my own Reasonable Diet website since 2005. I hope we can stay in touch...that you can lose the weight...and if you do that you might consider becoming a diet coach yourself in the future. But, one day thing at a time. Right? If you aren't yet following me on FB... I tweet lots of great tips and motivation and is my website. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
    Best, Sandra