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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caption Contest - Funniest Wins $10 Amazon gift card!!

We've heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it could be worth a $10 Amazon gift card! Our youngest lost her two front teeth this week, and if you can coin the funniest caption you'll win the coin! The only rules are that all captions must be G-rated and entered as a comment here or on Facebook. Good luck and make us laugh!!! 

[NOTE @ 5:56pm 5/24/2011: FYI, I've been informed by my 6-year old that she wants to pick the winner.]


  1. Daddy, does a toothfer (twofer) means more money right?


  2. @Mark - that's awesome! You've masterfully combined comedy, a pun and an onamonapia - that's gonna be tough to beat ;-)

  3. Posting on behalf of others that blogger is messing with (grrrrr.....)

    Go ahead. Pull them all. The Tooth Fairy is gonna owe me the big bucks tonight!
    -Stuart Nager

    Hi! I'm Bella & I finally got my fangs!
    -Alan de Luzuriaga

  4. Posting on behalf of a friend....

    Christmas in July Sale!!! 2-for-1 deal of "two front teeth"!
    -Rubin Ledbetter