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Monday, May 9, 2011

Name My Blog Contest!!!

Help Name My Blog!!!

I’ve been writing this blog fairly regularly for more than a year now, and I’ve shared a host of thoughts, feelings and opinions regarding a range of topical areas.  But now, I need your help….

The title of this blog is EXTREMELY clunky – “Comments and Questions of Faith, Family, Finance and Fitness” (yuck!)

I intentionally made the title so unwielding, after I read an article by blogging guru Chris Brogan who stressed the need to, “…write about what you like and include as much of what you like in your blog’s title…” – his rationale at the time was that an overstuffed blog title would help people find it when they typed words in various Internet search engines.

With all due respect to Mr. Brogan, I think it’s time for a grown-up title to help tighten the focus and purpose of this blog.

So, please reply with your suggested blog title in the comment section here or on Facebook ( for the next seven days.  If yours is selected, I’ll send you a $25 gift card to Amazon and a free copy of my new book due later this fall.

Here are the blog title criteria:
  1. The title MUST be G-rated;
  2. It should complement the topics I typically write about: Family, Faith, Fitness, and Finance;
  3. You can submit as many suggested titles as you’d like.
Once a winner is selected they’ll be ceremoniously honored befitting their accomplishment – meaning I’ll write a quick blurb or somethin’ about ‘em.

Be part of hisTORy and please help me name my blog!!!!


  1. Tor's Torch

    Touch of Tor

    Getting to the Core with Tor

    The ElevaTOR

    Tor's got the floor


  2. The Tor Report
    Constortionist (Constantino and Tor together)
    The Change and the Constantino

  3. My Constant Life
    The Total Me
    The Constant Torrent (or: The Torrent, Constant)
    Rocky Pinnacle of My Life

  4. @Chris, I've long admired your site's name "Muller Over" - thanks for the great suggestions!

  5. @BornStoryteller, outstanding submissions - thanks so much!

  6. I'd keep it simple for success and just give it your name or name it for the URL, "Torconsblog."

  7. I think you need a title AND a subtitle. The title I was going to suggest has already been taken...

    Tor's Torch
    Casting light on issues of Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance

  8. Below are suggestions from the broader team, hope they're helpful!

    Constantino Connected
    The Daily ReTORt
    RheTORical Musings
    Constantino’s Constant Ramblings (or Thoughts or Musings or Conversation)
    Content from Constantino
    Constantino’s Clip Book
    Constantino’s Corner
    Constantino’s Calculations
    Tor’s Tidbits
    Tor’s Turntable
    Constantino’s Closing Bell
    Tor’s Tipping Point
    Tenacious Tor
    Kick Back with Constantino
    Constantino’s Point-Counter Point
    Constnatino’s Confessions
    Tor’s Turf
    Musings from Maryland
    Constantino’s World

  9. @Ilana, I'm speechless (which as you know is a difficult state to induce)! I'm grateful for all of the thoughtful suggestions, and humbled that you engaged the "brain trust." I think we found a winner in this list...I'll send more offline. My sincerest thanks again!