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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Keys to Accomplish the Impossible

All of us face challenges every day and some of those challenges seem like they are impossible to overcome - that failure is the only option. Here's an easy challenge for you. Watch this video below by Frisbee-Throwing Champion Brodie Smith.

Some of the things he does in this video are seemingly impossible, yet he did them. For him to accomplish each of the impossible tricks shown in the video there are 3 keys required:

1.) Vision - anybody who wants to achieve something great or impossible must first be able to believe they can do it. You have to see it occurring in your mind's eye. Athletes and life coaches call it visualization. If you don't have a vision of success to overcome a challenge - you won't.  What is holding you back, clouding your vision and how can it be removed?

2.) Preparation - watch each of the tricks that Smith accomplishes and imagine how many hours of practice enable him to do the amazing things he does. There's no shortcut for that - you have to apply the hustle. In addition to the practice that's required, notice that each of Smith's tricks are set up for the optimal chance of success. Are you willing to log the practice hours necessary to overcome? What other prep is necessary?

3.) Assistance - perhaps my favorite trick you'll see below is at a baseball field where a friend of Smith's is at home plate and spins a garbage can up into the air into which Smith lands a disc. However, that shot and the entire video required the help of others. Smith couldn't do it alone. You'll see or hear one of Smith's friends near the target in almost every scene and running the video. Who can help you overcome your challenge?

I realize that tossing Frisbees around a college campus might not equate to the serious issue or challenge in your life, but can any of the 3 concepts listed above help your situation? What's the one thing you can do today to step toward breakthrough?

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