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Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Things About Your Dad...

My dad in his 20's
Heading into Father's Day, I wanted to open the blog for tributes to our dads.  Below are five statements that you can complete in the comment section if you'd like - pick one or all - but let us know what makes your dad great!

My dad passed away suddenly several years ago and I still miss him today. If your father is still alive make sure you finish these statements below and tell him what he means to you because you never know how long you've got.  If you're interested, mine are below.

1. My dad was "famous" for saying....
2. The best memory of my father was....
3. My father taught me to appreciate.....
4. His best (or worst) joke was....
5. The most important thing I learned from my dad was....


Tribute to My Dad:
1. My dad was "famous" for saying, "Your butt is twisted!" - it was his unique turn of phrase to communicate his disagreement with your position on a point of dispute. Not the greatest negotiation tactic, but endearing nonetheless.

2. The best memory of my father was watching he and my mother dance at my wedding.

3. My father taught me to appreciate really, really hot and spicy foods - my calloused and scorched G.I. tract is grateful!

4. His worst joke was...wait for it....pull my finger. This joke was also his favorite. While he may not have been a comedic savant, he did instill in us kids the need for laughter in life.

5. The most important thing I learned from my dad was the critical role that faith and God plays in a truly fulfilling life.

Ok, now it's your turn.....

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