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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Things That Make Summer Great

Our two girls officially began their summer vacation this week. The other night at dinner I asked, "What three things would make this summer great?"  Here were the verbatim, ranked responses:

The 9-year old
1. No more school - (Ok, that's a given. It's kind of like a wasted genie wish.)
2. Horse camp - (Indeed, she did this camp last year and loved it - there's no doubt that Horse Camp version 2.0 will be anything less than spectacular.)
3. Swimming like a fish - (Our community has two swimming pools. I suspect the girls might micro-evolve gills by summer's end if the past few days are any indication of that aquatic affinity.)

The 7-year old
1. Playing with her sister - (This is her default response any time we ask her what she wants to do.)
2. No more school - (She only said this after "the older" mentioned it.)
3. More playing - (I guess I'm not surprised here...)

The Wife
[EdiTor's Note: these are my assumptions since my wife didn't participate in this conversation - I know that's a risky game to play, but that's how I roll.]
1. Vacation - (We're renting a cottage for a week on a beautiful lake with another family that should be a ball.)
2. Time together as a family - (This is a certainty...)
3. Taking weekend day trips - (One of the benefits of the mid-Atlantic region is our proximity to great locales such as DC, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Hershey, Williamsburg...etc. Needless to say our weekends are filling up fast!)

1. Summer hours - (My place of employment observes half-day Fridays through Labor Day how cool is that.)
2. Time together as a family - (This is the best part of summer I think, and I want to maximize it this year - summer hours will help!)
3. Vacation - (Really looking forward to this respite!)

So what about you? What three things will make this summer great?

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