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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Nearly Famous Daughter....

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from our county's department of environmental protection telling us that our oldest daughter had been recommended by her school to audition for a countywide talent search for a radio public service announcement (PSA) recording.

A short-time thereafter, our 9-year old completed a telephone audition with the county worker overseeing the PSA program who gave her the "job" on the spot. After a few weeks, our daughter visited the number one radio station (WTOP) in Washington, DC [see picture below] to record the PSA along with a boy who was also selected from the thousands of kids in the county. 

#1 Rated Radio Station in the Greater DC Metro Area

Once inside the station, they were taken to a production studio where they went through several practice recordings and several "final" records. Here's our youthful radio announcer with the woman from the county EPA.

Our Little "Paul Harvey" in Training with the
kind woman from Montgomery County DEP

The production engineer took several snippets from the recordings and edited them together into a final :30 segment that will run indefinitely on WTOP and WFED. Here's the "world premiere" of the Kid's Litter Campaign - just click on the arrow "play" button below.

To say that we're proud of this accomplishment is an understatement. It was an invaluable experience that my wife and I are glad she had. However, as a former radio reporter myself, I'm certainly steering her clear of a radio career - the long hours and low pay are too akin to serfdom in this current day and age.

Question: Have you or someone you know ever been on TV or radio? Was it a positive or negative experience for you?

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