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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6 Things to Consider Before Considering Kids: RELEVANT Magazine

A few weeks ago I submitted an article to RELEVANT Magazine online, which has a readership of 20-somethings and Millennials, titled 7 Ground Rules to Survive Relationship Conflict.  

Last week, I submitted my second article to the publication which they've posted as well. 

This second article is titled What to Consider Before Considering Kids and it addresses six areas that couples should consider, discuss and agree upon before having children.

Here's an excerpt from my most recent piece at RELEVANT Magazine:

Shortly after you’re married, you’ll soon be barraged with a single question from family and friends alike: “When are you having kids?"

As a father of two daughters, ages 7 and 10 respectively, and the uncle of 10 kiddos, here’s something to keep in mind about children: Children are external amplifiers of your internal traits and character.

While there might be exceptions, the vast majority of kind, loving and considerate people tend to make great parents who produce great children who echo the traits of those parents. 

But if someone is a broken person when they become a parent, they will almost certainly break their children into a shattering mess that can cycle through several generations.

So to avoid that destructive cycle, here are six questions to consider before you consider having children.

1. Can you work as a supportive team? This requires honest, forthright communication between you and your mate. If either of you fly off the rails at each other about leaving a towel on the floor, the cap off the toothpaste or dirty dishes in the sink, it’ll be a challenge to rise to the occasions of nighttime feedings, sleep deprivation and dirty diapers. Both of you must absolutely agree to work as a cohesive team toward the unified goal of building a family. For example, my wife wanted to nurse our girls; since I couldn’t help in that department, for the first several months I happily changed diapers and gave our daughters baths. Teamwork is critical

To read the rest of the article and the five remaining areas that couples should discuss, please visit RELEVANT Magazine at the link below:

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