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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 Questions With an Author: Jim McBride, Movie Producer of Fireproof & Courageous

This is my weekly series titled 7 Questions With an Author... where I pose seven questions to an author and then share their unedited answers here.

Today's author is Jim McBride he's the executive producer of the films released by Sherwood Pictures, including Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. His first book is titled Rite of Passage: A Father's Blessing.

Here is 7 Questions With Author: Jim McBride

1.  What is your book about?
My book, Rite of Passage: A Father's Blessing, is about the journey my wife and I have gone through of blessing our four children through a ceremony that calls out the man and woman in my sons and daughters and culminates with me praying a prayer of blessing over their life as a father. The book also gives a practical description for the ceremony that the reader can adapt for their family to make it personal to them. The average age for my children for this ceremony was 16, but I close the book by telling a story of how my father blessed me in my late 30's as a challenge to parents that it is never too late to bless your children.

2. What led you to write it?
I read a book by Robert Lewis called Raising A Modern Day Knight, that talked about the process that he used to raise his sons. In the book, he mentions the importance of a ceremony that he conducted with his sons. I was also inspired by a number of adult men and women who I have talked with who have shared with me their longing for their father's approval and blessing. This inspired me and my wife to begin to pray about how we could do something not just for our sons, but for our daughters as well, in order to send our kids out to the world from a position of approval, rather than seeking approval.

3. Who is a writer who inspires you and why?
Warren Wiersbe is an author who inspires me. Firstly, because of his volume of work having written on every book of the Bible, and over 175 books total. Secondly, he inspires me because of his command and depth of knowledge of Scripture. Another author that inspires me is Chuck Swindoll because he has a way of making the most complex things easy to understand and keeps a grasp of the reader from beginning to end.

4. What is the biggest challenge you faced writing this book?
As executive pastor of a large church, as well as the responsibility of being executive producer of the films of Sherwood Pictures, finding the time to break away from the day-to-day duties and responsibilities was my biggest challenge. Because of this, I am tremendously grateful for Tom Neven, who helped me with the writing process.

5. What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?
Research, research, research! Look for a good editor. Also, if God lays something on your heart to put on the paper, never give up until it's done.

6. Where do you get your ideas?
I am an avid reader and read between 100 and 150 books a year. When I am not reading, I like to think about the ways that things that I am reading tie together. This allows me to come up with many ideas, one of which is my book, Rite of Passage: A Father's Blessing.

7. Anything that you would like readers to know that I did not ask you?
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