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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Guest Post on

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Here's a guest post that I wrote, which is currently featured on the home page of - a great, new faith-based web site that aspires to be a destination resource for social interaction, content generation and other resources.

The site contains a wide array of topical content that ranges from culture, inspiration and leadership. Here's an excerpt of my article on leadership.


There is a weakness that nearly every leader shares, whether they lead a Fortune 500 company, non-profit organization, sports team or family. But it’s not as obvious or clear cut as poor time management, lackluster decision-making abilities or subpar interpersonal skills. While this particular weakness plagues virtually every leader, it can go unnoticed and unaddressed for years because of its inherent nature.

It’s the inability of the leader to identify their own blind spot(s).

By definition a blind spot is something that someone can’t readily identify or acknowledge for various reasons, which often means that it’s a developmental area that goes unobserved and uncorrected. While blind spots are not unique to leaders, the trappings of leadership (e.g. success, responsibility, stress, workload . . . etc.) may further obscure the blind spots of a leader. Despite that nearly universal shortcoming, here are four ways that a leader can help identify their own potential blind spots.

Be sure to visit to read the rest of the article

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