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Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Tips for a Christian Halloween

Preachy Pumpkins
Every year about this time many Christians become very vocal about the evils of Halloween. With all the witchery and heathen-esque cavorting, they simply can't help themselves with their self-righteous indignation.

While valid points are made at times, people of faith (of which I'm one) generally come off looking like idiots with their anti-Halloween outrage.

Today my Internet buddy Matt Appling is graciously hosting a satirical guest post of mine about good ideas versus bad ideas that Christians should consider for Halloween. Matt has a great, edgey blog that I highly recommend. Here's an excerpt from my piece:


Halloween is nearly here, and it's a tricky (pardon the pun) holiday for Christians given its pagan roots and association with various festivals of the dead.  In fact, some Christians are dead set against it, but thanks to slick Madison Avenue packaging and hyper-candy-consumerism, Halloween can be as acceptable to Christians as a fun-sized Baby Ruth® bar.

Yet, for a holiday intended for children, adults still manage to screw it up a lot, with sexy costumes and lousy candy.  Consider this: Good Idea, Bad Idea, Halloween Edition.

GOOD IDEA: Allow your kids to dress as an angel, shepherd, wise man, Mary, Joseph or a sheep or goat.  My rule of thumb is that if it’s a costume that’s acceptable for a Christmas pageant at a neighborhood church, it should be okay for your kids to wear as they mooch candy from your neighborhood.  Maybe you could get kind of esoteric and dress your kids as a box of frankincense. Yes, Zombie Jesus is a big deal. Do a Google image search.

BAD IDEA: Let your kids to dress as any of the aforementioned options with the word “Zombie” in front of it. While precocious PKs may try to pull off the Zombie Jesus costume, passionately asserting that Jesus did rise from the dead, a quick witted parent will counter that He did NOT, however, rise from the UNdead......

If liked to read more, please be sure to visit Matt's site: The Church With No People

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