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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“LOST,” how I love thee and disappointment – thy name is IM2

For the past six years, I count myself fortunate to have been caught in the web of mythology, characters and whiplash storylines that comprise the “LOST” universe. This series has been the most consistently compelling hour of entertainment on network television. Period.

Aside from the supernatural story arches, swirling subplots and vexing answers that only seem to raise more questions – it’s ultimately a story about people, destiny and free will – which is why I find it so mesmerizingly consuming.

As goofy as it sounds, there are times when I see slivers of myself through the panorama of the “LOST” ensemble. Mostly I find myself vacillating between the believing Locke and the doubting Jack, as has been a recurring pattern at times through my life and Christian faith - yet I still believe. Incidentally both those characters have been completely rewritten and upended for this final season so who knows what to believe about them.

Whether you care about the metaphysical metaphors of “LOST” to your life or just gig over great escapist fare – “LOST” has consistently delivered. It will be sorely missed following the series conclusion this month, yet "...gather rosebuds while ye may..." as we've a new episode tonight!

Iron Man 2
At the opposite end of the spectrum was Iron Man 2, which was disappointing despite its $100+ million opening weekend earnings. I know it was based “only on a comic book” but compared to the first iteration – IM2 was little more than a half-hearted attempt with two-dimensional acting.

Of all the superhero characters within the Marvel Universe, I would argue that Tony Stark is one of the most complete and most human, he’s an alcoholic with anger issues as well as a bum ticker – great movies have been made with less. However, the IM2 movie adaptation made Stark into more of a caricature than the actual comic book. It seemed a waste of a great character and a great character actor in Robert Downey, Jr. Go figure, but don’t bother going to see it in the theater – wait for it on Netflix or On Demand.

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