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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The "LOST" Poll is Closed and the Winner big surprise.....

In memory of last Sunday's end to the six-year series of LOST, I posted a survey to see who was the favorite of the finale's 'final four' survivors. Despite the small sample size (<35=n), the results are not too surprising:

1. Jack - 33% of the vote went to this ultra-alpha male;
2. Hurley - 26% of the respondents selected this "dude";
3. Sawyer - 26% of participants chose this roguish-nickname-making machine;
4. Kate -15% of tally was chalked in this feisty lady’s column.

Oh well, no really stunners. Before you leave, make sure you take the special "Memorial Day" survey I just posted, it will only be up through midnight EDT on Monday, 5/31/2010.

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