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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Official Training for the 2010 Marine Corp Marathon Starts Today

This year's Marine Corp Marathon in downtown DC and Arlington, VA is held on October 10th, 2010, which is just about 18 weeks away or so. I've been running consistently since finishing the Frederick, MD Marathon at the beginning of this month - which spurred me to launch this blog!

Regardless, pasted below is the running schedule that I'm going to follow that was developed by marathon-training guru Hal Higdon, it's free and listed on his web site.

If you're interested in a great book by Higdon, I've inserted an Amazon link here but much of the same content is listed on his free web site, which can be accessed via link after you click the "Read more" button.

I'm doing the first Intermediate schedule, which means that during the training I'll complete two 20 mile runs - it's those long runs that help build the endurance necessary to finish a marathon. Today, I'm starting on the first Saturday in the grid and will duplicate Week 1 next week and then continue through the plan as it's laid out.

The home page of Higdon's web site has links to a variety of running schedules, including a novice schedule for someone just starting out. I used that "beginner's" plan to help train for my very first marathon last May and completed that race in less than five hours - not bad for an overweight, 40-year old.

Check out Higdon's site! Who knows, you might be inspired to train remotely with me! Let me know if you do.

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