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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Butte, Mesa or Plateau - I think I'm there...but WW has Solutions

At today's WeightWatcher weigh-in, I was down six ounces which was exactly what I gained last week. Weird. This marks the third week out of the past four where my weight has remained within a tight variance range of less than a pound.

That's great for a maintenance program, but I'm still trying to drop another 24 pounds.

Here's the week-by-week break down of my adventures in WeightWatching:

Week 1: -4.8 lbs
Week 2: -3.2 lbs
Week 3: -1.0 lbs
Week 4: -3.4 lbs
Week 5: -3.6 lbs
Week 6: -2.2 lbs
Week 7: -1.2 lbs
Week 8: -2.4 lbs
Week 9: -1.2 lbs
Week 10: -0.0 lbs
Week 11: -1.4 lbs
Week 12: +0.6 lbs
Week 13: -0.6 lbs

My total weight loss to date is -24.2 lbs since I began WeightWatchers on April 7th. That averages out to -1.86 lbs per week.

I have a subscription to WeightWatchers online as part of my membership. And so, my wife mentioned that I should check and see if they post any articles that offer suggestions to breakthrough weight-loss plateaus. I found a great one that I'd like to share:

I guess, that'll do it for today; hopefully there will be less of me to write about next week.


  1. I am sorry you have hit an area of slowed losing. I am glad, however, that you are not giving up. Please don't. Partially due to your example, I have started Weight Watchers! (again) I will let you know next week how that goes. Anyway, keep up your positive attitude, whether or not you feel like it. It really does help both you and other people. You are doing fantastic, and that should not be discounted.

  2. Hey husband..I love you through higs, lows and stuck-in-the-middles ! One idea, have you gone to the WW site to check for tips?

  3. @Laura, thanks for the encouraging words. Despite this "dry spell" I'm looking at Non-Scale Victories (NSV), which were a topic of today's meetings. I continue to lose inches around my waist which is very encouraging despite the lack of movement on the scale. Congratulations on your decision to join WW!!

  4. @Kim, thanks Hon! You know, I do have a subscription to the online service and will check it out. Thanks for the reminder and the love!!!

  5. Important to remember that plateaus are part of the process and our body is telling us we are internally adjusting. Seeds grow down before they grow-up. Much foundation work is done internally, the weight loss is a by-product of how hard your body has been working internally during the plateau. Honor the process, breath deeply, be kind to your self.

  6. @Anony, thanks for the positive affirmation and suggestions! I'll take your comments to heart.