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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying Something New: FREE Stuff for Visitors!

I'm still learning my way through this whole blogging thing, but I've found that the blog sites that I like the most tend to give away free stuff that's of value and interest to me.

So in the spirit of doing "unto others as they would do unto me," I've set up a new tab button labelled "FREE Stuff" - that seems to be floating right above my profile brief and the blog's boxed title.

If you click on that tab you can access a free, eight-page book summary that you can read, download or print. I'll change the content regularly, but I thought this type of time-saving information would be a cool and useful freebie. Hopefully we can then dialogue about it here and share ideas.

Sorry, I'm not giving away any ponies or new chafing dishes - I'm just getting started!!!

Please let me know if you like this new benefit, and I'll add more of this type of content (possibly ebooks ???) - for free.


  1. i like shirts. free shirts. & stickers. & pens. can i get keychain?

  2. @MK, as soon as I can figure out a way to download a hoodie or rain slicker I'll let you know! What size do you wear ;-)