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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Was Jesus Just a Good Moral Teacher?

C. S. LewisImage via Wikipedia
Below is a link to an article I wrote that looks at recent skeptical claims against a famous assertion by author, apologist, and literary authority C.S. Lewis (see photo), that Jesus was either a Liar, Lunatic or what Jesus claimed to be - Lord.

Fresh Perspective to the Case That Jesus was Lord, a Liar or Lunatic


  1. Without requiring evidence and such, I am with the group who know Jesus to be so much more than just a good moral teacher. He is, was, and always will be Lord. So many people today require concrete proof to be able to know something is true and/or right. For me, I suppose that is where faith comes in. I KNOW Jesus to be so much more. I cannot personally bridge the gap of faith and science. However, me personally - I don't have to have the "proof" as is mentioned previously. I do have proof - in the way of church, the Bible, etc. - just not scientific proof so many look to and require.

  2. @Laura, Thanks for the comment - great points all the way around!