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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nothing New - Only Neutral on the WW Front

Went to WeighWatchers weigh-in during lunch today and logged a nonloss of -0 lbs., which is

which is the second start week in a row I've maintained the status quo.

All total, I'm down -28 lbs. since starting the program back on Wednesday April 7, 2010. I'm not thrilled with today's result, but it's better than gaining.

Hopefully, there will be less of me to write about next week - thanks for sticking with me on this journey!


  1. Well, I tried to reply before but somehow it didn't work. So, I'm back. With that said - I just wanted to say congrats on not gaining! I know it can be a little disappointing not seeing more of a loss, but you are doing fantastic. This week, I did a bad thing. I skipped a meeting because I didn't feel like going, didn't feel well, and certainly didn't want to see what the scales had to tell me. (In reality, I know they weren't that - if at all - far off the mark - but, I just didn't go.) Who was I kidding? NO ONE but myself. So yeah, I'll be back this next week. So anyway, thanks again for sharing your WW journey with us - you are an encouragement.