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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WikiLeaks Has a Nerdish, Yet Genius Parody: WookieLeaks

There has been a furor of media coverage recently surrounding a web site called WikiLeaks or Wikileaks.

The spate of news centers on the site's publication of more than 90,000 documents about the war in Afghanistan, which have not been publically available for review.

Despite the media melee about potential danger from those leaks to national security or U.S. soldiers in the field, one unidentified soul has found the situation amusingly, Twitter worthy and has created a Twitter persona called WookieLeaks alluding to the Star Wars character [see photo insert]. 

The writer shares pithy, Sci-Fi ladened witticisms that will appeal to your inner nerd. Here are a few samples:
  • Skywalker rumored to have spoiled Christmas for Vader, "I felt his presents."
  • Darth Vader caught rehearsing the phrase "Make it so!" - admits to rejection by Starfleet Academy & war is "just a tantrum."
  • Top military commanders ignored warnings that "fear leads to the Dark Side"
You can follow this wit at I sense that the Humor is strong in this one!

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