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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bad News and Good News....

I went to my weekly Weightwatchers weigh-in meeting today.

The bad news was that I was up +5 lbs., now I'm not freaking out too much because I've been sick for the past 7-10 days; I missed last week's weigh-in; I haven't run or worked out at all and I've been drinking H20 like a fish to stay hydrated - so I feel about as bloated as a puffer fish.

Still that's not an excuse, but I knew that I risked days like this when I started this public weight loss regimen, which with today's gain is still -25.0 lbs. since I started on April 7th of this year.

Now here's the good news, I am totally stoked by this story that I read in this past weekend's edition of Parade magazine about the incredible weight loss of actor Drew Carey [see photo insert]. I've always been a fan of his and this incredibly inspirational story has further confirmed that.

The guy has lost -77 lbs. since November 2009. He's now tipping the scales at a lean 185 lbs. with a starting weight of 262 lbs. - all at the age of 52 years old. Slowing metabolism be damned!

Drew Carey is more than 10 years my senior and weighed 40 lbs. more than I did when I started. Through his example, I'm re-inspired to renew my efforts.

As always, I hope there is less of me to write about next week. Thanks DC!!


  1. Tor, did the article say how Drew lost the weight? Cheering your efforts on... my overall average was 1# a week, which is probably where you're at right now. WW recommends between .5 and 2# a week so the loss is sustainable. Here's to good health for you and all of us who fight the daily temptations!

  2. @Nan, thanks for the supportive feedback. I embedded the link to the story - so you can get there by either clicking on "parade" or "drew carey." He attributed his success to portion control, healthy food choices as well as daily exercise 6 days a week. The article also specifically mentioned WW as option. Also, the story lists his work out regimen as well as a sample compare-contrast of his former and current daily menu. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for posting about WW. I have lost 20 pds since February. I can't take credit for the five pds I lost from having major surgery, but I followed the program the 24 weeks it was offered at work. I am on my own right now - haven't found a WW program in my area, and not sure I want to plunk down the $$ right now. But keep posting on this subject, it's inspiring and helpful. ~Donna E.

  4. @Donna, that's a fantastic result and thanks for the kind, encouraging words. We all need that from time to time!

  5. Thanks, Tor, for consistantly keeping it real. I mean that. Thing is - for whatever reason we have, or can give - we can ALL come up with excuses / reason (most of which are perfectly valid) as to why we succeed or fail. Much of it, I'd say, is in the mindset we have. I do very much appreciate your being open like this. As it has been mentioned, you are very encouraging, as well as inspirational. Last week, I gained .4 lb. That was upsetting, but I moved on. I made better choices. I did better. Or, so I thought. This week, I recorded a 0.0 lb loss/gain. Not complaining, so much as a bit frustrated. But, like you said, no matter what the reasons or excuses I came up with for myself, I will continue to move forward and hope to see the downward trend on the scales again next week.

    My thoughts and prayers are with ya - keep up the good work, and don't ever give up.

  6. hmmmmm....
    my 120# loss didn't inspire u?
    don't have to call me fat.

    use this as inspiration - - i've kept it off since 2003....


  7. @MK, that's a tremendous accomplishment that I would never minimize - my apologies. As I posted on you FB wall, you're more than an inspiration to me - you're family and I luv ya bunches!

  8. 120 is amazing, contratulations mk. It sure is hard stuff for me right now.....Donna E.