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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Defining Victory: What Does Success Look Like?

For an Olympian in training success might be making the U.S. team; or setting a world record; a personal best; finishing the race as one of the top-five athletes or winning a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones
Additionally, a lawyer might view success differently for his/her various clients. For one client shorter jail time might be a success; while being released on bond or a complete acquittal might be a victory for others.

This rambling preamble is how I'm rationalizing a -0.6 lbs. loss this week at my WeightWatchers weigh-in. Thus far I've dropped -29.8 lbs. since I started his program back on April 7th, 2010.

Even though it's been more than a month since I've lost more than a pound, I still veiw this week's loss as a victory. During the past week I ran 35 miles over six days and ate very healthfully - so that's the main reason why I viewed this weak weigh-in as a win.

I will continue to forge ahead until my body and metabolism catch up with me. Once again, I'm optimistic that there will be less of me to write about next week.


  1. Thank you for posting this line of reasoning. Funny you should mention that amount of loss. This week, I went back to WW, after having missed last week to take my daughter to the doctor. Over the course of the last two weeks, I recorded a 1.8 lb loss. Not bad, and I'm not complaining. I know my strengths, and I clearly know my weaknesses.

    One thing I have noted is that when I actually follow the plan as it is, I have results. When I am a bit lazy and don't do it all "correctly" then it shows. I had a little mini-revelation at this weeks meeting. Just imagine the change that could occur in my own life and weight loss journey if I had consistency. Simple, but yet thought-provoking all in one. Sorry, I digress. Back to you and your post. .6 lbs isn't huge in the one sense, but is .6 less lbs than before! Every little bit counts. It does mean something. Using what you have said time and time again, that is .6 lbs less of you than last week. You are doing really well, and also a continuous inspiration.

  2. Tor, I am just curious due to seeing less and less of you (physically!), what is your lbs. to lose goal?

  3. @Laura, great result! After doing this WW thing for more than five months now - I realize how tough it is to lose consistently!

  4. @Cheryl, right now - my goal is to lose an additional 18 lbs., but if I get witin a pound or two of that target I'll be happy with that as well!