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Thursday, September 16, 2010

No New Job Growth: A Special Report Provides Insight

Today the U.S. Labor Department reported that the latest unemployment benefits dropped to a two-month low, hinting at some stability in the labor market.

But no matter how you slice it, the numbers still show that 450,000 Americans are newly unemployed.

Whether you have a job or not, you might be interested in reading a special report I wrote for Soundview Executive Summaries earlier this year. Just click on the link below to access the free 12-page report, where I interviewed four CEOs for their perspective on the economy.

Click Here: FREE Special Report

I'm interested in your feedback - let me know what you think!


  1. Tor - this is an invaluable resource. I've read it twice, and will discuss it this week with my co-workers. I especially like the point that you can't possibly do everything, so use "management leverage." That's a freeing concept.

    Secondly, I like the thought of stopping during the day to get perspective and reflection. Too often, we're so task driven, we don't stop and look at the larger picture.

  2. @Chris, I take that as great compliment given your business background! I'm glad you found value in it - I know I did.

    I mean how many times do you get to spend an hour picking the brain of four different CEOs??? These folks know what success is and what it takes to get there.

    For that report, I left out a ton of other insights from them that I might develop into a completely different information product.

    Regardless, thanks for reading it and commenting!