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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WeightWatchers Weigh-in....

Foul weather be damned! Despite the bone-chilling, single-digit temps and modest snowfall here in the Mid-Atlantic region – it’s still weigh-in day at WeightWatchers for me.

Last week was the first weigh-in of the New Year, and I lost -6.0 lbs; however, the caveat to that was how I had gained +18.2 lbs during the two months prior (yikes!) – but that’s ancient history and I’m trying to move forward.

Having said that, at today’s WeightWatcher meeting I weighed in and……

…was down -3.0 lbs for a total loss of -9.0 lbs. So that was a solid week!

I stuck to the WeightWatchers eating regimen and wrote down everything I ate – which really helps. But eating properly is just part of that equation.

From an activity standpoint I averaged 12K steps (per my trusty pedometer) and also ran a total of 27 miles over the seven days. The biggest chunk of that was captured during a long 11-mile run this past Saturday as I’m training for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA on March 20th.

The trick will be integrating these eating and exercise habits into an enduring lifestyle – so far so good.

As always, I hope there’s less of me to write about next week!


  1. Proud of you!!

  2. Thx wife! Couldn't do it without you!

  3. Thank you for sharing Tor! This is such an encouragement. I gained the previous week, and gained (even more) at this week's weigh in. Though, I did go. That's gotta count for something, right!? I knew I had gained - no surprise there...I wasn't going to go - but realized I was not fooling anyone but myself! So I went, and our leader was so very kind. She let me know it was okay, and I COULD do it! She was such an encouragement. I did have a rough couple of weeks, but I am not going to let that spoil the previous months of working at this.

    So, sorry for rambling, but thank you so much for the constant encouragement and transparent look at your own story!

  4. @Laura, I appreciate your candor and honesty. Personally, it's been tough to keep writing about my weight issues because they seem so "2 steps forward, 1 step backward." Despite that, I chose to start this thing and be transparent - I can't stop now when it's difficult.

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  6. Thanks for the post, Tor!

    Speaking of the different angles of encouragement... here is a great line from the leader of the meeting I attend:

    When you know you're "up" (in weight), you go to the meeting for YOU.
    When you know you're "down", you go for everyone ELSE.

    In the WW World, - words to live by. Thanks for the encouragement!