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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Adventure at WeigthWatchers

It's been a relatively good week, my only concern heading into this week's WeightWatcher weigh-in was whether or not I "moved" enough. Since last Wednesday, I logged a bit more than 25 miles training for the Shamrock Marathon in Virgina Beach on March 20th.

While that seems like a lot, the running regimen I'm following strives to log more than 30 miles a week - I think that extra five miles does make a big difference and I've conisitently dropped weight when I've pushed pass that 30-mile-weekly threshold. I understand that every body responds differently to exercise but that has been the magic number for me.

Regardless, I was diligent at tracking my food intake for the week and I was cautiously optimistic when I stepped on the scale during my lunch break....

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was down -3.2 lbs for a loss of -18.2 lbs, since I re-started the program on 12/29/10 which averages out to -2.6 lbs per week since then.  That also represented the second largest single week drop for me this time around.

As a reminder to those who are tracking this personal journey of mine, if I lose -0.4 lbs. more pounds, I'll be equal to the weight I was before I abandoned my first WeightWatchers attempt last November and recklessly gained +18.6 lbs in two months.  

As silly as it sounds, I'm much more serious about this weight loss trek than I was before.  I think it's because I saw how quickly I lost ground and control.  Another confounding issue is that I've found that it's very difficult to have big losses in back-to-back weeks.  So, I'm mentally preparing myself for a modest or "zero" loss next week, yet I want to push harder to keep that from happening.

However, I’m ever hopefully there will be less of me to write about next week! 

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