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Monday, June 13, 2011

Am I a bad provider for my family???

I'm the first to admit it, that if we lived in the frontier days my family would have died of starvation. The only plants that I can effectively grow are weeds in my yard, and I've never hunted an animal for food. It's safe to say we would have died just outside the city limits heading to a better life on the open prairie.

However, I am able to purchase hoagie sandwiches when necessary which is what I do every Sunday after church.  Before we head home from services, my family and I swing by a local Subway sandwich shop to "eat fresh" and all that other marketing hype.

If you've never patronized a Subway franchise, here's how it works. Every sandwich is custom made, so you have to begin at the order counter which is at the farthest point away from the cash register. You then select your bread, relevant meats, whether or not it gets toasted, any veggies, toppings and sundries that you'd like.

You progress along with your sandwich down the gastronomic assembly line until you're ready to pay. If you have a family of four (or any number for that matter) the masticable manufacturing can take a few minutes, to ensure every one's sammie is made and ready to be paid.

Here's the issue, during our lunch assemblage yesterday there were three line jumpers who stepped in at different times in the middle of our order to purchase a bunch of cookies, several sodas and drop off a job application respectively.  None of them as much as looked at us to acknowledge the delicatessen derailment they were causing even though we were obviously in the queue.

And with only two people working the Subway line - one of the employees had to abandon our culinary creation to help the patrons of insurrection.

Thankfully, nobody in my family died from malnutrition yesterday, but I didn't do anything to advocate for my family. My question is should I have - or is this a big deal about nothing? Were unwritten rules broken? Was it a missed teachable moment for our kids? What would you have done?  I'm genuinely curious...

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