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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute Caption Contest Winner!!!

Look Ma, no teeth!!! 

The official caption winner of our daughter's two missing front teeth is Lisa Stivers who submitted the aforementioned caption.  She will receive a whooping $10 Amazon gift card for her creative efforts.  Thanks to all who submitted ideas, the best of the best are listed below.

Christmas in July Sale!!! 2-for-1 deal of "two front teeth"!
-Rubin Ledbetter

Go ahead. Pull them all. The Tooth Fairy is gonna owe me the big bucks tonight!
-Stuart Nager

Hi! I'm Bella & I finally got my fangs!
-Alan de Luzuriaga

Daddy, does a toothfer (twofer) means more money right?
-Mark Thielbar

Ahhhhhhhh! Attack of the tooth fairy!!!!
-Kim Sickles LaWall

-Brad Cupples

Take that tooth fairy!
-Kelly Marie Bryant

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