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Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 Kinds of "Doers" From the Bible

Charlton Heston as Moses:
"Disobedient Doer"
When my wife and I ask our daughters to complete a chore or task around the house they always do it, which is a blessing. But as I think about it, there are different ways they sometimes "do" a thing or complete a task - some of those ways are more honorable than another.

In particular consider three examples of different "doers" from the Bible and their resultant outcomes, which can apply to any of us who are asked to do something for someone.

1. Jonah: Delayed Doer - Most people know this story, the prophet Jonah was instructed by God to preach repentance to the city of Ninevah. Jonah refused; was swallowed by an aquatic creature; repented of his rebellion; was thrown up by the fish and eventually did what God asked. Jonah was a "Delayed Doer."

2. Moses: Disobedient Doer - He was a central figure of the Old Testament and is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible and delivering the Hebrew nation out of Egypt. However, during that exodus God instructed Moses to speak to a rock to produce water that the Hebrews could drink in the desert. Instead, Moses used his walking staff and struck the rock to make the water come forth. In this instance, Moses was a "Disobedient Doer" because he completed a request his own way - not the way God had asked. This single act prevented Moses from entering the promised land.

3. David: Diligent Doer - The story of David is a classic. He was a teenage shepherd who played a harp to his flocks - hardly the warrior type. Still God inspired him to fight a 10-foot tall giant named Goliath - the champion of the Philistines - who were at war with Israel. Not only did David embrace and succeed at killing Goliath, he did it with a slingshot and stone - completely trusting in God's ability for deliverance. David was a "Diligent Doer" who eventually became the king of Israel; was known as having a "heart after God" and was an ancestor of Joseph - the earthly father of Jesus.

Whether or not you believe these biblical accounts they offer striking examples of how we should conduct our own lives with each other and God. At times, my conduct has mirrored each of these "doers" and at times I've been flat out rebellious - enduring the consequences.

My hope and my heart want to be more like David - not that I have attained that but I press on forgetting what lies behind.

How about you, which of these "Doers" can you most relate to?  

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