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Saturday, July 2, 2011

4 July 4th Holiday Traditions

This holiday weekend is a family favorite for us. The girls are out of school, the weather is awesome and it's a great time to relax.

While there have been some tweaks to it over the years, every July 4th weekend there are four traditions that our family tends to follow:

1. Parade - we make an effort to attend one parade during this annual holiday to help instill in our daughters the concept that freedom has a cost.

2.Campfires - this holiday is usually spent with my in-laws who have a fire pit in their back yard. As a result, we have a campfire nearly every night with the obligatory s'mores, laughs and singing.

3. Fireworks - did you even have to be told this one???

4. Grilling - like most people one of our favorite things to do is see how many different meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) we can cook on the grill so we can be outside as much as possible and minimize the mess in the kitchen.

What traditions do you and your family have to celebrate the July 4th holiday?

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