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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Non-Extreme Home Makeover: Before and After

Earlier this week I blogged about a remodeling project that we were undertaking at our home. To clarify, when I say "we were undertaking" I mean to say we were paying professionals to do on our behalf since I can't tell the difference between the business end of a hammer and a crescent-monkey-socket wrench (I think that's what they call it.)

Anyway I shot some "Before" remodeling video with my nifty Kodak Zi8 HD pocket video camera and posted that on Monday, yesterday the work crews wrapped up and I shot some "After" remodeling video - both of which are below.

So create a hyped-up, sense of over dramatization - please watch them in sequential order (no cheating)...and be amazed (or not).

Again, that was the "Before" video and here's the link to the "After" video I posted on Facebook - let me know what you think here on the blog comments section!

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