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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Success Principles: #5 - chapter review

The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to BeI'm reading the latest book from best-selling author Jack Canfield, titled The Success Principles, which comprise 64 different lessons that Canfield has learned during the past three decades as as a highly-successful entrepreneur, instructor, best-selling author and keynote speaker.

My goal is to write a summary review for each chapter, every day until I'm finished with the book. You can access the most recent past summary here: The Success Principles #4 - chapter review.

Chapter 5: Believe in Yourself
In this current chapter Canfield expounds on the point that an individual can not exceed the personal vision that they have of themselves - simply stating that to achieve your dreams in life you have to believe that you're capable of making them happen.

The most meaningful insights this chapter provides center around the idea that believing in yourself is a choice, or an attitude that one has to have regardless of past circumstances, lack of education, parents, trauma or upbringing. For instance, the author notes that many people tend to blame their personal failures on a past cycle of abuse or poor child-rearing skills of their parents growing up. 

While Canfield acknowledges that past reality, he states that it is up to each of us to not let that type of negativity cripple our present and future successes. He writes, "If you assume in favor of yourself and act as if it is possible, then you will do the things that are necessary to bring about the result. If you believe it is impossible, you will becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy."

The chapter features several examples of individuals who were able to work hard and achieve success despite significant setbacks. Canfield notes that 20 percent of America's millionaires - that's one-out-of-five - never attended college. He uses that stat to highlight the fact that belief in yourself is critical to overcome obstacles such as a lack of formal education. The chapter closes with this quote from Olympic gold medalist and tennis champion, Venus Williams:
"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That's what makes you a winner."
Question: What is keeping you from being able to believe in yourself? 

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