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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why Does This Guy Hate Me - Last Day of Book Giveaway!!!!

Why Does This Guy Hate Me????
 I'm a member of a great community of bloggers that supports and shares ideas about all things blogging - a super talented group.

However, a guy in that group named Chad Jones specializes in "hate" - perhaps its the Arizona heat where he lives; the fact that the Cardinals have an inconsistent pass rush or not enough fiber in his diet - all I know is the man is cranky (an excellent writer) but cranky.

For some reason (perhaps cuz I asked him to) he turned his weekly hateful rant my way. Check out his post today over at

 But before you go, today is the LAST day of the Jon Acuff book giveaway where you can get a chance to win a complete library of Acuff's books valued at more than $40 for FREE.

Follow the steps below.....

**LAST CHANCE**  Win an Entire Jon Acuff Library - 3 books.

Congratulations to Thursday's Winner: Michael Romeo LaFlamme (@MRomeoLaf).

Today is the LAST AND FINAL day of this contest!!!!.

To enter do the following:
1.) comment on today's post
2.) "Share" it on Facebook OR "Tweet" it on Twitter - for Twitter please add the hashtag #torcon

Enter once-a-day; today's winner will be randomly drawn and announced tomorrow - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY - DON'T MISS OUT.

Good luck!!!

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