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Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Ways Leaders Can Instantly Shift Momentum: Guest Post

Michael Hyatt: Chairman, Speaker, Author
Today I have the honor of being the featured article on the weblog of Michael Hyatt , the chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing which is the largest Christian book publisher in the world and the seventh largest here in the United States.

Michael's site tends to focus on three areas: leadership, productivity and social media.  Here's an excerpt from 5 Ways Leaders Can Instantly Shift Momentum:


Every successful leader wants to be a “game-changer.” If you’ve ever watched a televised sports event, you’ve no doubt heard commentators banter back-and-forth about key points in the game where “momentum shifted” in favor of the winner. 

Regardless of what caused an unplanned momentum shift, it’s safe to say it usually occurs among the competitors themselves who are directly engaged on the “field of play.”

However, a team’s coach has the ability to sway a game with planned “momentum shifters.”

Even though a coach—as the team’s de facto leader—might not be the one physically running, catching or participating, a coach has several options at his/her disposal to intentionally redirect momentum.

Here are five strategies a coach can use to instantly shift momentum, which are applicable to other leaders as well:

1. Call a time-out. Experienced coaches use this tactic in virtually every type of competition to give their own players a break, assess the game situation, disrupt the positive inertia of the opposing team, and select the best option for the next moment to position their team to win.
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